About The Mississippi Sweet Potato Council

The Mississippi Sweet Potato Council was founded in 1964 to promote Mississippi Sweet Potatoes and to educate growers on the latest practices to improve their product and their livelihood. It is one of the oldest agricultural organizations of its kind in the State of Mississippi and today has about 150 members.

The Council is a non-profit corporation managed by a Board of Directors. The Board is elected by the membership each January at the Annual Meeting. There are nine directors and four officers who serve rotating three-year terms. The board is comprised of growers/ packer-shippers who are actively involved within the sweet potato industry. The Board conducts the business of the Mississippi Sweet Potato Council and employs an Executive Director.

The members of the Mississippi Sweet Potato Council represent 105 farms and 26 packing facilities. Many of these growers are members of families who have been involved in growing Sweet Potatoes for four to five generations. They have stayed abreast of the latest advances in storage and packing facilities, as well as growing practices, by working closely with the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce and the Department of Plant Sciences at Mississippi State University, and by visiting other Sweet Potato growing operations around the country. Today, these growers offer the latest in temperature and humidity controlled storage facilities, as well as the latest in packing facilities. Mississippi shippers pack and ship to the exact needs and buyer specifications.

In recent years, Mississippi Sweet Potato Council and its members have been successful in developing new markets in Canada and Europe


Caleb Englert - President - Houlka, MS
Jamie Earp - Vice President - Houlka, MS
Casey Moss - Secretary - Houlka, MS

Melissa Edmondson - Tresurer  - Vardaman, MS


Cody Edmondson - Houston, MS
Sylvia Clark - Vardaman, MS
Adam Wright - Vardaman, MS
David Ellison - Houston, MS
Randle Wright - Vardaman, MS
Rob Easley - Vardaman, MS
Anna Rhinewalt Murphee - Senatobia, MS

Clay Wilson - Vardaman, MS

Trey Boyette - Vardaman, MS